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Patient Testimonials

I wanted my neck done. After consultation, I decided on the face and neck lift. Thanks to Dr. Mician, I am very happy. -- Kay

Plastic surgery is not about how you appear to other people but rather how you feel about yourself. I had multiple procedures done. Before I had surgery, I was fat and flat. Dr. Mician did a full-body ultrasound-liposuction, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck. It made me feel better....

Plastic Surgery changes your life from that moment forward. It is a personal decision....You have to decide what makes you feel better. Personally, I bought a '93 Corola because I wanted a tummy tuck. Nobody sees me in my Corola.

Just like me, you have to find a doctor you can trust, who has skill, the techniques, and patience. Dr. Mician did a great job and I look great. I told her she cannot retire until I need my face lift.

-- CJ (public speech)

I am really thankful for what Dr. Mician did for me. I am really happy with the work she has done -- really good work. My boyfriend told me not to do it. He said he liked me the way I was, but I had the procedure [face lift and eyelids] done. Now he is as happy as I am. I really get a lot of compliments. -- Laurie

I met Dr. Mician at one of her lectures. I had the fat apron on my tummy -- one you have to lift up. It bothered me psychologically. I decided I am going to do it. I am glad I did. Now, I am at the point in my life, I am comfortable with my body -- Kathy

Dr. Mician made me feel so beautiful inside and outside. I feel I can accomplish things I thought I never could. I stopped smoking because of Dr. Mician. If I can do that, I can do anything. -- Ally

One year ago, I had rhinoplasty and upper and lower lip enlargement with alloderm. I was fine a few days after surgery. I am still very happy with the result. Anybody who is considering surgery with Dr. Mician -- I am sure they will be happy as much as I am. -- Susan

I have been working for Dr. Mician for over 10 years. I am her nurse and also her patient. Dr. Mician is a wonderful person. She helped me to go through nursing school. In hospitals, I see how much all the nurses admire her and love her. They say that she is the best. All of her patients love her as well. Dr. Mician has a great bed-side manner. Once you come to see her for a consultation, you really will be impressed. She gives time and dedication to all her patients. -- Kim (public speech)

I would like to thank Dr. Mician for the amount of self esteem she helped me achieve. It's amazing what little things can do for you. -- Jay (tummy tuck and liposuction)


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