Today's injectables are much more advanced and longer lasting and also more affordable. As creators of Juvederm say "Everyone will notice, but no one will know". Injectables have advantage of quick in office procedure - quick recovery and noticeable improvement. Juvedrem (or Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus) can smooth the wrinkles and folds and fills in small divots and creases. It lasts up to 1 year (14 months).

For volume loss due to age, weight loss or facial fat atrophy (seen in extreme body builders or chemotherapy) - there is an injectable for deep injection and volume replacement - Sculptra (lasting 2 to 5 years). (Sculptra is now also approved for cosmetic purposes.)

There are many types of injectables on the market and many new to come. We selected the above stated because the least amount of complications, highest patient satisfaction and better aesthetic improvement. Majority of the patients call the results remarkable.

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